Custom Framing Ideas For Elementary School Student Artwork

Posted on: 9 February 2023


If you have children who attend elementary school, chances are that they will come home with lots of artwork and designs. Instead of just letting the pieces of artwork pile up, you can turn their art into framed pieces ideal for the walls of your home. A custom framing company can provide you with services to piece together artwork and create a unique display piece.

Check out some custom framing ideas ideal for student artwork and some unique ways you can display their designs.

1. First Day & Last Day Artwork

In each grade a child attends, they make a lot of growth and progress throughout the year. You can collect a piece of artwork from their first days of school and a piece from their final days to showcase the progression. A custom frame can showcase the artwork side-by-side and reflect on a whole year of improved skills.

A custom framing business can create a custom matte that features each drawing. Text on the matte can even display printed text like "Third Grade" or feature the two years the school year covered like "2023-2024".

Each year the child completes the grade, you can have a new frame created with multiple pieces of art.

2. The Four Seasons Collage

Many artwork designs made in elementary school reflect the four seasons. You can collect a piece of artwork from each season and then have a framing company put together a four-corner collage. For example, the fall designs could include lea prints or pumpkin art. Winter designs could consist of painted snowmen.

Look for art pieces with personal touches like hand prints or custom creations. The framed picture can hang up year round and create a nice mixture of colors and designs to enjoy. Just like the first day and last day frame, the design can represent a whole school year.

3. School Picture & A Self Portrait

Many grades will have children draw self-portraits of themselves at some point in the year. If you ordered school pictures of your child, then you could pair a self-portrait with a school picture to enhance both photos. The school photo will show the comparative look of the self-portrait and also give a clear view of the child's age when they draw the self-portrait.

A side-by-side frame will pair the pictures next to each other in an even matte that helps each photo stand out.

Gather artwork together and visit a picture framing business, such as Nainsook Framing & Art, to have your creation made by professionals.