Native American Art You Could Purchase Besides Paintings

Posted on: 14 October 2022


Native Americans have a deep history rooted in the United States and their history has been captured through art and artifacts over the years. When you go to purchase items through an online American Indian art auction, you will find a lot of beautiful paintings and drawings of Native American life. Native American art consists of a lot more than just paintings though.

When you browse through online art auctions, you can find a lot of authentic art in many styles and designs. Check out some of the options you may come across and ways to expand your collection of authentic Native American art.

Katsina Dolls

Long before toy companies were manufacturing plastic dolls and action figures, Native Americans made their own unique designs known as Katsina dolls. The highly detailed dolls were typically carved out of wood or the roots of plants for durability. The designs included rich dark paint to create the various characters.

The dolls actually represented immortal beings in Native American lore. Tribes would use the dolls to tell stories and teach children lessons. The dolls also provided ways for children to play and interact. Today, these dolls have become striking pieces of artwork. Many of the dolls feature completely original designs and intricate details.

In an art auction, you could purchase individual dolls or a collection of dolls that go together.

Cuff Bracelets

Many Native American tribes wore extravagant jewelry and custom designs all over their body. You can commonly find cuff bracelets through Native American art auctions. The bracelets often feature hand-carved designs and materials like silver. If the bracelets include stones, you will often see a lot of turquoise stones used in designs.

The bright and vivid turquoise colors stand out on the cuffs. As you look at an online auction, check the size and measurements of a cuff to know if the piece will fit properly if you ever decide to wear it. Picture galleries will show multiple angles of the cuffs as well.

Bags & Pouches

Pelt and beads are often combined to create several functional pieces used in everyday life. Now, those bags and pouches are considered true pieces of art and can provide you with nice display pieces in your home. You can choose many different size options for the bags and pouches. Some may include a single bead color design while others feature intricate patterns.

The design details will also include different pockets and features that served multiple functions. Some may include large straps that people used to carry the bag.

Browse the internet to find online American Indian art auctions today.