Group Painting Ideas

Posted on: 16 June 2021


Home decor, including wall hangings, figurines, or yard signage can be created with the aid of a party paint kit. Review art supply types, and purchase a kit that will support an art session that you and your friends will be participating in together.

Kit Types

If you and your friends meet up on the weekends or if you and some of your peers are members of a community group, adding a painting session to your plans can make any event memorable. Painting encourages self-expression, and a completed project that contains hand-painted designs may ultimately be considered a treasured keepsake.

A standard kit that can be used during a group event may include acrylic, latex, or watercolor varieties, as well as easels, stencils, a diagram, and aprons. This type of kit will prompt everyone to complete a similar project. There are also kit styles that contain wooden cutouts or frames. Shapes and materials that differ from a canvas may encourage individuality during an art session.

Decide if a guided or an unguided art session is preferred. Buy a kit that offers a diverse group of art supplies. If your event will be themed, seek a kit that is supportive of your idea. For instance, if your gathering will be held during the fall or if it going to be reflective upon an upcoming holiday, buy paint colors, cutouts, and embellishments that will allow each painter to create a piece of artwork that is representative of the theme. 

Activity Suggestions

Classic and modern pieces of artwork, inanimate objects, and photographs can be used as inspirational tools. Set up a display that features interesting items for your guests to look at while they are seated and working on their own personal creations.

If you choose to host a guided party, you may want to work on your own piece of artwork while your guests are. For an unguided party, prepare some art examples in advance. Use the painting kit to create several different items.

Show your guests what you have made, and explain what types of paints, application techniques, and embellishments you have used to create each one. Discuss some ways that the artwork can be utilized. If you have furnished a kit that is going to be used to create some three-dimensional works of art, mention lighting, shelves, and other display techniques that will allow each artist to highlight their personal creations within their residences or work environments.