3 Types Of Artwork Perfect For A Plastic Surgeon's Office Waiting Room

Posted on: 21 December 2016


It is important to create a nice, beautiful space for patients waiting to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. If you have been tasked with doing the design for the office and waiting room, then it's important to choose appropriate artwork. You could always hang up some nondescript, abstract artwork, but that will make the office look like every other waiting room. If you want to make the room distinct and create an atmosphere that is appropriate to those looking to have plastic surgery, then here are three suggestions.

Artistic Anatomy Sketches

A good way to get patients thinking about muscles, tissue, and ligaments and see that they are not scary is to have framed, artistic anatomy sketches on the walls. Think of sketches along the lines of Michelangelo's famous series. These will introduce the idea of the human form sans skin so that when the patient is in the office, consulting with the doctor, and discussing rather bloody things (cutting the face open, sewing muscles higher up, etc.) they will hopefully be a bit more comfortable, or at the very least they can appreciate their bodies more.

Renaissance Style Nudes (Prints)

If you prefer something less clinical, then you can opt for Renaissance style nude prints. These depict the human form in a beautiful light. Think of something along the lines of Venus of Urbino by Titian. One of the nice things about these paintings is that the models aren't displayed like modern, airbrushed photos with unrealistic bodies. Patients who are looking to improve their bodies won't have unrealistic expectations, but instead they will see a more realistic, achievable goal that they can work towards with the help of the surgeon.

Realist Sculptures

If you want artwork that really strikes the victories, then consider a sculpture done in the realist style. These sculptures are made by artists who try and create a sculpture that looks as lifelike as possible. So unlike classic style sculptures, such as Rodin's The Thinker, you have a figure that looks like it might be a living, breathing person. You might commission or find a realist sculptor that creates beautiful nudes. You could then situate this nude on a pedestal. If you prefer the nude to not be explicit, you could work with the artist to have the nude partially draped or posed in a way that is not too graphic, yet still displays the human form in a beautiful and realistic manner. Another idea would be to chose a sculpture with two figures (male and female) locked in an embrace, so that both men and women in the waiting room will have something to relate to.

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