Advertising Your Art: Ways To Get Noticed

Posted on: 28 October 2016


Being an artist is a wonderful hobby and something you can make money at as well. The key to earning an income when you put brush, pencil, or other medium to paper is exposure. You want to create an audience where people not only notice your hard work, but that they see it as valuable to them as well. Here are ways you can advertise your art so you can get noticed more successfully and make a living doing something you love.

Enter local and regional art contents

If you are in art school currently, talk to your advisor about art contests hosted by the school that you can enter. These contests are often covered by local news and showcase new talent in the area, which can be just the exposure you need. Some art magazines or online publications also feature contents for new artists to gain the attention they need with prizes ranging from being featured in a widespread publication to cash monies. You can sign up to receive newsletters from many artist publications so you can be aware of when contests are available in your area or online.

Use social media

Social media is one of the best ways to get noticed for any type of craft due to its popularity among users and often free features. You can start a social media page about yourself and your artistic history, adding a gallery of your current and past works and what you are planning on doing in the future. Feature this page on all your social media outlets and encourage your friends and family to pass the word along. When you have your art for sale at craft fairs, websites, or even at a local venue, you can post their locations on your social media pages to gain more exposure and lead to more sales.

Visit local galleries

Create a portfolio of your art by taking photos of the pieces you have completed with side notes as to the medium, size, and inspiration behind each piece. Take this simple folio of your best works to your local art galleries in your region. Learn about the art galleries you are visiting and the artists they represent so you can show your true interest in being displayed in their space. You can earn a showing at a gallery where visitors can discover new talent and have access to purchasing your art as well as create a positive working relationship with a gallery owner you can trust.

With persistence, confidence, and hard work, you can get your artwork noticed positively. The more you expose yourself in different outlets, the greater your potential of making a living selling your artwork to eager fans.