Beyond Words: Poetry For Times Of Distress

Posted on: 25 October 2021


Times of emotional turmoil can affect anyone and for a myriad of reasons. Though it is helpful to remember this, it is not uncommon for most suffering through a situation such as this to feel alone. Using a creative form of expression such as poetry can become a highly therapeutic way to address emotions and work through them in a healthy way. Here are just a few benefits of using poetry to help with times of emotional turmoil. 

Self Expression

Using poetry as a means of self-expression is a creative and healthy way to address emotions, feelings, and thoughts. For those who are dealing with situations that arise in emotional turmoil, turning to poetry can be an excellent way to validate one's own experience. Even without prior experience, writing poetry is something anyone can do, so there should not be any anxiety or worry regarding how good or bad the piece will be. It is important to remember that the poetry is meant to be an honest look within to better understand what they are feeling. 

Imagery and Pace

When writing a poem to address one's emotions, words may not always seem to accurately describe what the writer hopes to convey. Using imagery in this case is a fantastic way to describe emotions using metaphorical images that describe what words alone cannot. If the writer is experiencing a feeling of being alone and weighed down by problems, describing someone trapped at sea and weighed down by waters could be an option. The pace of the poem can also lend itself to the overall feel. For those who may suffer from anxiety, for instance, a fast-paced poem that flows quickly would accurately describe how they feel. For those who experience feelings of numbness, on the other hand, a slower-paced poem that encourages the reader to take their time with each word may be more appropriate.

Speaking to Others

While writing poetry can be an excellent way to self-reflect and identify emotions that one may be dealing with, it is also an effective way to communicate with others. When it is too hard to speak to someone close regarding a difficult situation, poetry can act as a doorway between the two. For family members who may be struggling to understand a loved one, for instance, can take their time to read through the poem offered to them and engross themselves in its language. Often, what is expressed through poetry may be unspeakable otherwise and this would serve as a way to reach those that may not initially understand. 

Check out local bookstores if you want to find poetry for emotional turmoil to use as inspiration.